Simon - MY07 ADM Subaru Liberty 3.0R spec B wagon 6MT

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Simon - MY07 ADM Subaru Liberty 3.0R spec B wagon 6MT

Post by west_minist »

From: simon
Sent: Monday, June 06, 2011 6:28 AM
To: Edward

MY07 Subaru Liberty 3.0R Spec B Wagon Manual with SI DRIVE.
Modifications so far include K&N air filter, TEIN S Tech springs, DBA 4000 wiper slot rotors, Dixcel type M pads, lower control arms bushes.

When i first contacted Edward (aka west_minist) he was very keen to tune my car as was I. I didn't quite have the money to pay for the tune in full but this posed no problem. Pay me some now and the rest later, wow who else would give you those options unless friends or family.

I paid $500 via western union with a $50 fee and we got started. I paid another $250 with a $30 fee two weeks later.
So all up the cost to me was $830 for the tune $230 for the tactrix openport II from tactrix. New Denso iridium plugs IKH20 $70 on ebay US delivered.
and roughly $70 worth of fuel for logs only(not including normal driving around).

$1200 was the end result but once you take the leap off faith you will be rewarded at the end.
It is a worthwhile investment as i get a better feeling when driving the car than the day i purchased it.

Started on a friday night did some logs using romraider with my openport II plugged into my laptop, drove on roads i would usually drive.
Logged normal driving style and some general cruising at set speeds 60 80 110 with the parameters edward requested. I then took some logs driving it like i stole it. Did a couple of back to back 3rd gear pulls hold 2000rpm hit log then wide open throttle to redline letting the rpm drop back to about 2500rpm, stop log. Then same road same direction same point. Remember you will hit around 130kmh in a gear pull so do it somewhere safe.
Gear pulls where only needed for stock V0 and for me V4 Totalling 6 gear pulls.

Saturday morning i had my first tune V0 emailed to me which i saved to ecuflash. Connecting the green connectors at the passenger side i flashed V0 using ecuflash then unplugged them. I read up on the forums and watched youtube to understand the process and contacted edward on msn for piece of mind
First drive the car was very different. It was very responsive and had alot of bottom end torque but felt a little flat up top and nothing much like stock. This is just a base setting for the tuning process, but rest assured as you get each Version the car gets better and better.
More logs emailed to edward and V1 was received on....

Sunday morning. The time difference is great while i sleep edward works on the tune. V1 put my mind to rest the car was now sooo smooth. I couldn't believe it the top end power was back and the new torque levels where still there. DBW still felt a bit too aggressive for my likes so we would change it for V2. Again more logs emailed to Ed and another tune emailed back being V2

Monday V2 flashed on car surprised 3 tunes in 3 days that's quick. V2 was great DBW was working well with good feeling, car again was smoother and power felt nice more logs and a few days later V3 arrived.

V3 This is where the car felt really refined in all driving conditions and i didn't think it could possibly improve but.....

V4 This is where its at the car has come to life. Torque is very strong and the top end pull is ridiculous with no flat spots. If you are game enough to test 0-200+ on stock and V4 you will know.
The torque is so good now you can short shift or go into redline easily. I find myself putting it in 5th gear cruising 60kmh instead of 4th.

Its been about 2 weeks since the start of the process and i am about to do some logs on V4 for V5 but i am assuming that's where it will end.

Forget looking at the dyno pulls they don't do the tune justice, driving the car along your usual route is where you will notice the difference in the tune. They are just there for reference.
The car pulls from alot earlier and the power is linear not like the rough power band we are all used to.

The rev limiter has been raised slightly to a safe level. It doesn't have that annoying cut out that we have all hit from time to time going into the red.

The DBW is where i am the most impressed. I was blessed/Cursed with SI DRIVE and for those that have it know what i mean.

Sport# is quite nice when driving hard but too aggressive for peak hour traffic.
Sport mode has so much throttle lag it is almost impossible to drive. I would almost stall the car on take off every time.

Now Sport is very easy to drive throttle is responsive and power is usable in all conditions traffic or open roads.
Sport # has gone to the next level the throttle response is just as crisp but you get more feeling from the pedal.

To keep all my logs consistent i used same fuel from same servo (premium 98 octane) fuel level was always around 3/4 full and i was always on my own to keep weight consistent.
I would usually log between 9.30 and 10.30pm only because of traffic.

Unless you have modified your intake or exhaust you must remember you are tuning a stock car so there wont be massive power gains just better fuelling, drivability and improved torque from earlier in the rev range. But if you have modifications edward can still give you a custom tune.

Overall edward is very helpful and professional. I have no problem recommending his services to the next 3.0R Spec B owner.
These are just my thoughts and opinion.

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