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Tuning Specialist by darkknight

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I'm from the old school. And I love the balance of power and comfort, so I of course wanted to get a subaru.

I've watched alot of japanese car racing videos (street racing videos). I've realised that some of the fastest and most responsive cars were almost always stock but highly tuned. In my search for a subaru wrx, I then heard of Edward and seeked to speak to him about tuning and to get an understanding of his knowledge of the cars.

When I first got a hold of him he was actually in california learning more about tuning. This guy was on his cell phone and he talked to me for so long I was suprised. We finally hooked up about 2 weeks later and he was suprised that I was unable to find the car I wanted. One day I came across a car that was brought in from japan and had very low milage and was in my colour (blue). I took it for a test drive, and it was all over from there, I loved it, it felt fast and had good torque.

I invited him to come and test drive it and he agreed and gave it a 100% thumbs up; he loved it also. I went straight to a kinda pre-tune stage as he really wanted me to realise how much tuning makes a difference to a vehicle. After that I went to stage 1, and to be honest he gave me for the same price more like a stage 1.7. lol. My car made a big difference in performance. The engine/throttle response is just GREAT. He aslo gives SUPER great after service and not only can I call him anytime, he encourages it. What makes me feel best about my car is the response I get from people who have been driven in it and those I guess who tried to follow. lol.

Thanks again for sharing your wisdom and for being both professional and friendly.

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