Subaru Tribeca 3.6 H6 (2011 EDM model) Feedback

Please post your feedback on Xtreme Racing Tuning service to you.
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Subaru Tribeca 3.6 H6 (2011 EDM model) Feedback

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Hi all,

Have a Tribeca 3.6 (2011 EDM) model, which we bought as a family/all around car a couple of years ago. The car is great and very practical for our needs, however the AT used to shift sometimes in a sub-optimal way around hills and winding road sections and the manual mode would be also lagging on shifts. Also overtaking would be sometimes unpredictable as throttle and engine response was not always consistent.

Initially thought these issues might be down to MAF/lambda or some other sensors/components (the car is regularly serviced) - but after stumbling on other Tribeca owners reviews it became apparent the issue affects all models and even other Subaru models with the H6.

Started researching solutions and found lot's of awesome online feedback on XRT ECU tuning, so decided to give it a shot - ordered a Tactrix cable and contacted Ed.

Ed was super quick to respond and started working straightway (working over the weekend).

Soon received the very first v0 ROM - it was a massive improvement over stock - the car's H6 and AT came alive - the beast was awaken! The difference was day and night in all D,S,M modes. Then v1 followed - the car pulled like a freight train - told Ed that I might need to look into better brakes now haha.

Was a busy week flashing/driving/collecting logs - was sometimes hard to keep up with Ed's pace (meant as a compliment)!

The car is now incredible, absolute joy to drive, wife and kids also noticed the difference. It drives smooth, shifts spot on, holds gear when needed, cornering on winding roads became fun with all that extra responsiveness and dynamic engine power delivery across the RPM range.

The car is a beast, even acceleration on the highway at high speeds improved a lot with less down shifs and needless over revving.

Out of interest managed to compare and look into some of the ROM tables Ed has tuned - I don't believe folks realize the complexity and special skillset/experience involved and required to make things work in a safe and optimal way. He accumulated these skills over more than a decade of endless ECU tuning for various Subaru models.

What you get from Ed is a truly custom and supported tune for you car - and not some generic off the shelve mass marketed poor garbage.

All I can say, Ed is the man when it comes to Subaru ECU e-tuning.
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Re: Subaru Tribeca 3.6 H6 (2011 EDM model) Feedback

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Thank you.
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