Feedback of my modded H6 3.0R MY05 Legacy's tune

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Feedback of my modded H6 3.0R MY05 Legacy's tune

Post by StefanU-88 »

Hi everyone :)!

After the tuning process of my Legacy H6 3.0R MY05 with 5EAT is finished i wanted to say a few words about my impressions and feelings about the entire story. Excuse my wording here and there as English isn't my first language and I'm a bit rusty regarding that :lol:

I bought the car from a dealer who had it from Subaru of Germany in the beginning of 2013 as my new daily driver.
As a car that they used for their business purposes, it had covered only around 40.000 kilometers back than, a quite small number regarding the fact that it is one of the very early pre facelift models, built in 2004. On the downside, I assume that it stood around outdoors for a long time not being moved or only over short distances in the city of Friedberg where Subaru has it's HQ over here.

I replaced the entire rotten exhaust system with new RaptorSC headers, 200cpsi metallic catalytic converters and a new designed custom 2" cat back system with FOX performance silencers and contacted Edward afterwards to get everything tuned, lower the insane fuel consumption after the modification (the car didn't like the free flow exhaust system, consuming over 20 ltrs / 100km) and make everything feel a little bit more sporty.

From the beginning to the end, it was amazing to work with him. When I look back, I almost feel a little bit sorry for all the silly questions he had to answer, but he never lost patience and answered every single of them until everything was clear (even to me :P).

We went through a huge amount of tunes but things didn't go very well until i decided to replace the 10 years old front o2 sensors, which caused lots of problems and only worked from time to time. After that, the final tune was found pretty quickly, especially because Edward delievers new tunes in about no time.

I'm more then pleased with the outcome; not only that the consumption is down a lot (about 11,5 liters / 100 km driven hard in the range of 130kph up to 240 kph on the German Autobahn, often in 4th or even 3rd gear for maximum acceleration and a good amount below 10 liters / 100 km at chilled highway cruising), everything feels more responsive, the car isn't hitting the rev limiter anymore when using kickdown all the way up, it just feels fantastic. I have to admit that I don't know what exactly Edward did in the end to achieve this great feeling, but we went through different kinds of settings and after some short messages via Whatsapp he was able to achieve a result just like I wanted to for my daily driver and couldn't even describe with words.

Even if the car feels more sporty if you want to push it harder, there's much more power below the magical 3000rpm mark and the power band is very, very smooth (much smoother then OEM) and it still feels very drivable regarding every-day-use.

I don't know about power figures but actually I don't care at all; the car is hitting 260 km/h on the dashboard (around 245 GPS, before tuning around 235) and is doing 0-100 km/h in under 6.5seconds (no idea what it was before). Impressive if you imagine that it feels stronger at low rpm, too.

Long story short: That's how Subaru should have delivered the car out of the factory.

I'll contact Edward again next year regarding a tune for my JDM STI and after my dad - who drives a 3.6R Outback, we're a Subaru family here at the mountains - has driven the Legacy after the final tune for the first time, Edward can be sure that he has got a new customer at this moment. Right now we are waiting for the 3.6R's headers to arrive from RaptorSC :D.

After looking for a tuner for quite some time in Germany without a result, i've found the best I can imagine over this strange thing called internet 8000 kilometers away in Barbados.

Thank you very much for all your efforts Edward, they're priceless!

I recorded a little video today on my way from one valley to another here at the mountains, my last drive this year before mounting snow tires. Not too hard driven, but pushing it a little bit uphill. You can get the idea. And... sorry for the annoying sounds the full box of chewing gums in every turn :roll: ... AfFgAz5_Ew

Kindest Regards from the Black Forest!

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Re: Feedback of my modded H6 3.0R MY05 Legacy's tune

Post by west_minist »

Thank you very much.

Re: Feedback of my modded H6 3.0R MY05 Legacy's tune

Post by StefanU-88 »

You're welcome. I wish I'd knew earlier about your tunes ;)

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