Very satisfied - JDM 2004 Legacy 3.0R Spec B

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Very satisfied - JDM 2004 Legacy 3.0R Spec B

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When I imported my car from Japan I had a lot of detonation and consequently a lot of times I seemed to have timing retard made my car feel sluggish, unresponsive and most of all inconsistent. I got a local tuner to dyno tune my car but that did very little to help the situation, all I had was a slightly more responsive throttle and better fuel economy, a bit less detonation but still very inconsistent performance. The tuner blamed it on lack of logging options for my car (IAM, and some of the other knock correction stuff missing).

I decided to give Ed a go since he seemed to be the expert on tuning these cars. And I must say, although the tuning is not finished, he really changed the way the car feels. It felt like there was always something missing, like it wanted to be better and had the potential to be better. After his tuning efforts the response was drastically improved, as was torque in the middle range and now it revs out much higher without feeling like it's running out of puff, so much so that I find myself hitting the rev limiter. On 98 octane the car absolutely flies now and always has consistent performance. As a bonus the trip meter now shows lower fuel consumption at cruising, although I might be able to pin that one on finding and sealing up an intake leak.

Ed is also providing me with "crappy fuel" tune as 98 octane is not available at many pumps in NZ. Top end performance on this tune is still better than stock and now I also know that my engine isn't going to detonate itself to bits. If I know I'm going on a road trip and there won't be 98 pumps handy it'll only take me 5 mins to flash this safe tune back on my car.

We have also discovered an issue with my car which I was somewhat aware of but blamed it on tuning, a weird surge when attempting to accelerate hard at below 4000 rpm. Ed has tried quite hard to tune it out but hasn't been able. Now I have the logging and evidence that it's not knock retard or anything like that so I can get it fixed up under warranty.

Overall Ed has been fantastic to deal with, patient with my stupid questions, very quick to respond at all hours of the day (I'm not sure when or if he sleeps because he always seems to reply straight away) and has done a great job tuning my car thus far. I'm looking forward to finishing the fine tuning and experiencing what my car can do when the mechanical issue, whatever it may turn out to be, is finally resolved.

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