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CarDoc - 2001 Subaru Outback 3.0 4EAT - SuperCharged Tuning

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USA Tuning

Owner: Mike (CarDoc)
Rom: D6JM000B
Tyres: 225/60-16
Car Weight: 1685g
Driver Weight: 84kg
Total Weight: 1769kg

Outback 3.0 w/ single port heads

All dyno'es are based on RPM
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Stock vs SC

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Engine Bay 1.jpg
Engine Bay 1.jpg (115.06 KiB) Viewed 15877 times
As requested. I dont think the community out there knows how difficult it is with lack of ECU support. We are at the limit and new to use some EMS to control this engine. Maybe one could swapped over a 2004 ECU once the sensor pickups can be the same.

The car is automatically going lean in 2nd gear after 5500, but ok in 3rd gear, but in some runs, the boost goes to zero. The boost issue was due to a collapsing Intake Tube. ... post473290
Today I found the issue with power loss. I log so much data via Rom Raider, it doesn't all fit on the screen and I am constantly scrolling side to side, up/down.

Anyway, Today I watched the vids and looked at logs and saw what the fuel trim was doing. It was getting too rich, "flooding" the cylinders. At the same time, the boost dropped off.

Its not the modules. Either of them and it has been repaired.

The intake elbow on the inlet side of the compressor was being sucked closed to the point it restricted the air thus causing a rich condition.

I took some video after the fix and it is in the process of uploading as I post this.

Boost pressure is up now. No more lag at 5500. The 1-2 shift when floored occurs at 7k, 2-3 about 6500 or so. I didn't leave it floored long enough to find the 3-4 shift because I let off the throttle at 110 to slow down.

When the video completes uploading, I'll post it. ...
Stock vs SCv7 - 2nd Gear Dyno SAE
Stock vs SCv7 - 2nd Gear Dyno SAE
Stock vs SCv7 - 2nd Gear Dyno SAE.png (78.36 KiB) Viewed 15119 times
SCv7 2nd Gear Dynos SAE
SCv7 2nd Gear Dynos SAE
scv7 2nd Gear Dynos SAE.png (58.93 KiB) Viewed 15877 times
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Modification List

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Here is the list of parts in addition to the stock setup.

Tactrix Openport 2.0 to use with Rom Raider and ECUFlash
Innovate Wideband O2 w/gauges x2
Innovate EGT w/gauge
Innovate Vacuum/Boost kit with 4 bar MAP
Innovate OT-2 (which I am still working on to get to work with Log Works)

Raptor VLLC Supercharger with 35mm GReddy BOV with inline adaptor, 3.0 SC mounting brackets/bolts, Bosch multigroove serpentine belt; all came from Tim. I did have to modify the support bracket that mounts to the cylinder head to make clearance for #3 injector harness. I just shaved off about 10 mm in a soft arc at the base to allow for the harness to have a little "wiggle" room.


6 - Denso Fuel Injector
Stock Number: 297-0033
Part Number: 297-0033
Unit Price: $80.57
Extended Price: $483.42

From Silicone Intakes/Frozen Boost:

2 x 2.5" Silicone 90° Elbow, Black (SIL000033) = $33.98
1 x Stainless Steel Joiner, 3.25" (JOI000115) = $9.99
1 x 3.0" Silicone 2' Straight Hose, Black (SIL000046) = $49.99
4 x Stainless Steel Joiner, 3.0" (JOI000114) = $31.96
1 x 3.0" Silicone 90° Elbow, Black (SIL000036) = $16.99
1 x 3.25" Silicone 90° Elbow, Black (SIL000414) = $19.99
6 x T-Bolt Clamp for 3.0" Silicone Parts (CLA000104) = $15.60
3 x T-Bolt Clamp for 3.25" Silicone Parts (CLA000108) = $7.80
10 x T-Bolt Clamp for 2.5" Silicone Parts (CLA000102) = $26.00
1 x Foam Style Air Filter - red, 3" inlet (AIR002017) = $14.99
1 x Silicone Reducer, 3.25" to 3.0" - Black (SIL000523) = $11.99
1 x 2.5" Silicone 2' Straight Hose, Black (SIL000042) = $39.99
2 x 2.5" Silicone 45° Elbow, Black (SIL000024) = $33.98
2 x 2.5" Silicone 60° Elbow, Black (SIL000197) = $33.98
4 x Stainless Steel Joiner, 2.5" (JOI000112) = $31.96 (some of these items ended up not getting used, not much; the foam air filter was used to filter air prior to full hook up when I needed to run the engine and it was "dusty" in the shop due to winds)

1 x Water to Air Intercooler DIY Kit 350 HP (WAT001034) = $302.98
Reservoir Not Included
Remote Filler Cap Include Remote Filler Cap
Radiator Type Silver (Type 114) With 7" Fan
Pump Type Rule 401FC
Intercooler Inlet/Outlet Bend (Type 13)

WPR coolant resevoir with top and bottom feeds for the SC cooler - EBay store

12V WATER PRESSURE DIAPHRAGM PUMP - HIGH 35 PSI 4.3 L/MIN - Caravan/Boat/RV/4x4 for the SC cooling with a 7 x 10 cooler. For the SC.

DeatschWerks DW300 fuel pump. (I first installed a DW200, but stepped up thinking the flow was too low. The DW200 could've been sufficient, but with what we are seeing now, its "iffy". This engine wants fuel and lots of it.)

Aeromotive 13301 Fuel Pressure Regulator with all the fittings and mount bracket. (Got this from a local performance shop, Austin Performance)

Several feet of 3/4" and 3/8" rubber hose for the coolers including a few feet of 16 ga wire and toggle switches for the pumps and added fan.

The exhaust was fitted with 2.75" piping from the collectors rearward with two 6.2L rated catalytic converters, one 24" glass pack mounted just behind the trans, and a high flow Magna muffler at the bumper where the original was. Flow and quiet low tone sound.

I did swap out the motor with one gained from Cost was $1142.00 with shipping USD from NJ to TX. The OE engine was running, it just had a lifter start making noise and I didn't want to tear it down at this point in the build. Besides the time, the cost factor was tremendous. The JDM engine cost was lower than a rebuild and it has less than 85k kilometers. Even had the accessories and drive belt on it with a fuse box.

All the ECM tuning was performed by Ed. All the mechanical installation was performed by me with exception to the exhaust.

The suspension is stock with exception to the set of KYB Excel G struts. I have had many years experience with KYB on different cars and they perform excellent and longevity of life is superb.

And finally, one Escort 8500 X50 radar detector.

Pics and video can be viewed on my You Tube channel posted previously. The full build thread is available at ... r-vdc.html .
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v8 Dyno Stats

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1st_2nd_3rd - Gear Pulls Dynos SAE.png
1st_2nd_3rd - Gear Pulls Dynos SAE.png (52.62 KiB) Viewed 15868 times
1st_2nd_3rd - Gear Pulls Dynos SAE
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