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Rufio0331, First the car will not be a speed demon, but I am here to tell you with a number of nice parts, and tune you will surprise a few cars and hand with them. I sent you a PM. Keep your 2.5i . Remember maintenance 1st, and then start tuning and adding parts. That includes all fluids and so on. I pulled my motor a while back, and did everything including Subaru MLS OEM head gaskets, pullies, belts, water pump, plugs and more. Some think my car is going to blow up cause it's tuned. That will not happen for the fact I am not tuning for max power, and I drive my car like a normal person.

V5 Update (Parts and More)

Ok so I am still on the V5 XRT tune, the car is running great, no issues. I am also running pure 91 not 10% junk added. (you see this 10% on pumps which mean the gas is 90\10) I am also running Amsoil dominator Octane booster. (DOB is not to make your car faster, it ups the octane level, helps with pinging, cleans and more. Check Amsoil site for more info.)

I am also running the Amsoil Dominator Race oil 10w-30 full synthetic, I decided this after talking with Amsoil. This is much better then the SS version I was running, and it has a cool red tint . Check out more about what it offers on the Amsoil site. I will soon be running their Coolant too.

I have noticed the new oil seem to quite the car down better then the SS version. It warms up very fast and the car runs a bit smoother. not saying you should switch what you use cause every car is different. I am a dealer and get my stuff at cost so I can change at will.

Parts to help:

So I am a parts guy to so I checked what we can get for the 2.5i and found some things to help.

Pitch Stop: (I have torque Solutions ready to intake)
Whiteline rear diff inserts: (ready to install)
CKE Custom tranny insert: (on the way)
Perrin steering knuckle lock down (ordering)
cusco steering brace

These are small things to stiff up the car. If yours has miles high like mine (145K) then replacing old bushing with poly ones help a bunch.


I am still waiting for my Kakimoto chamber, some plumbing for my Blackbird fog light ram air. I will post these all up with pics to see.

So to all the N\A peeps, stay loyal, cause there are many things you can do. We all know these will not be super fast but we can do some things to make people think twice.

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