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JayP - 2017 Subaru Outback 3.6 CVT

Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 11:07 pm
by west_minist
Owner: JayP (Flat6Brick)
Rom: DB4I500D
Car Weight: 1677kg
Driver Weight: 77kg
Total Weight: 1754kg



Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 11:08 pm
by west_minist ... sions.html
First let me say that initially I was going to get a '17 WRX 6 speed, however due to having a family and my wife wanting an automatic, we decided to get an Outback. I was not excited at first, but once we purchased our '17 Outback Limited 3.6R I was starting to realize how well built this car was, along with being so luxurious (from previous Subarus I've had), as well as how the 3.6R could sprint fairly well, and handle excellently for a car it's size after I put my 19mm rear sway bar on soon after purchase.

I learned about XRT with the post on here about Ed. First let me say, Ed is a very great guy to work with. He is extremely patient and walked me through the entire process. He went out of his way to accommodate the odd times I was available considering I have rug rats running around me at all times at home.

First I dropped in an AFE Pro Dry S filter in the air box. I immediately noticed that throttle response was better, with a tad more pull through the gears, and a nice "whoosing" intake sound, that's very subtle, but perfect for a car like this.

After I got my laptop setup, Ed was right there to help me via phone (BBM) and remotely to get me under way.

This tune is AWESOME! I was not expecting much considering my car is stock, save for a simple air filter replacement. After two revisions my Outback feels MUCH stronger, sounds better, and shifts like no other automatic I've driven.

You have total control with the input of your foot to get the exact gear, and amount of power you want as you drive. There are no more sluggish shifts, as the car confidently gets into "gear", snaps you back in your seat and continues to pull into the next gear.

Off the line is greatly improved. The weird "CVT" lunge that haunts these cars is gone. I feel that the car has improved so much from a dig than before, that it feels like a different car.

As I did some WOT pulls on the interstate the Flat 6 roared with delight and eagerness that seemed absent before. The car is SO much more fun to drive now. I have owned many cars, trucks, and performance vehicles, and I was mentioning to Ed on the phone yesterday that my Outback is the most BALANCED, solid vehicle I've had the pleasure to own. It does everything very well, and although it's 3800lbs+, it feels very nimble, and handles this amount of power increase just right.

I went with the 91 octane tune. Initially I tried the 87 tune by Ed, but wanted more. He was able to dial in the tune just right, and increased the timing. Now my Outback feels as strong as my mom's 2011 Volvo X70 T6, but handles much better, shifts better, and is far more responsive in the throttle response department.

For anyone that wants their wagon to have more power, and improved drivability should consider talking to Ed about this best mod. Once Ed heard me giggling over bluetooth after the second revision, he knew he had produced yet another satisfied and happy customer.

I'm looking forward towards the car running even stronger as it learns my driving style (spirited x10 LOL). Ed and I are going to do one more revision on the tune today to clean up a few minor things he had found through the log.

Thank you Ed, and thank you Subaru Forums for allowing him to introduce an excellent performance mod for a car, that is clamoring for a car enthusiasts touch and feel. :wink2:
Well, just when I thought the tune couldn't get better, I bought ecuedit and had Ed dial in the fuel.

What a difference! The car runs so strong and so smooth. The throttle is so responsive with every ounce of force you put on the gas pedal. After each shift the car pushes so much harder, all the way red line. I'll say it again, but I am so happy with my car that it feels like a very quick, capable wagon that drives like a sports sedan.

Off the line the car hauls amazingly! There is no lag, and no lunge like before. The shifts are so crisp, positive and fast. This CVT is the best automatic transmission I've driven. I took my wife out on a date night yesterday and she couldn't believe how much faster the car felt. She is not a car person by any means, but she felt like it drove like a different car.

The engine has a very mean GROWL to it. The flat 6 is a joy to drive, and utilizes all of it's torque very well on this ca, with the new tune.

I can't tell you how much patience Ed had with me. He spent many long nights guiding me through the process, as I was happy to learn more about the car, as well as the tuning software.

Overall I am very satisfied, and would highly recommend anyone getting an XRT custom tune from Ed. It's not just the power, it's the overall responsiveness and driveability that happens when he fine tunes the CVT.

I've had a few custom tunes on other vehicles, but this, by far was the best experience and end result. Now I'm a eager to add more power mods and improve the tune even further. Next up would be a catback exhaust, or muffler replacement that doesn't drone.

Logging was very fun, and it was so great to get a new revision and see how the car performed better and better.


Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:28 pm
by west_minist
I must say, even before Ed hooked me up with Stage 2 tuning, I didn't think it could of gotten better. Now with the surge of power during downshifts, and the quick firm shifting of this CVT I am starting to really enjoy this Outback. Remember I almost got a '17 WRX, but had to get the 3.6R Outback for family reasons. This wagon has come to life like Frankenstein with the CVT and ECU tuning from Ed. The only difficult thing is now I want to add more mods to unleash more power with the customized tuning Ed provides. Next in store in a catback exhaust for my Outback. I am planning on making a video of my tuning results in the next couple of days. Stay TUNED!


Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:42 am
by west_minist

Re: JayP - 2017 Subaru Outback 3.6 CVT

Posted: Mon May 29, 2017 9:09 pm
by west_minist