2020 XRT Tuning Prices

Important specifics in relation to XRT tuning
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2020 XRT Tuning Prices

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Dear All:
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Please see below for the 2020 prices:-
  • Pre 2015 NA tuning cost: $502USD
  • Pre 2015 NA tuning cost - Stage 0.5: $587USD
  • Pre 2015 NA tuning cost - Stage 1: $672USD
  • 2015+ NA and Subaru CVT NA Models tuning cost: $502USD
  • 2015+ NA and Subaru CVT NA Models tuning cost - Stage 1: $687USD
  • Turbo tuning cost - Stage 1: $502USD
  • Turbo tuning cost - Stage 2: $567USD
  • Turbo tuning cost - Stage 2.5: $622USD
  • Turbo tuning cost - Stage 3: $687USD
  • Log Analysis and Review (for troubleshooting for mechanical and electrical issues) - $91USD
  • Retuning Rate per roms release (equivalent per hourly rate) - $85USD
  • General support for laptop setup and helping hand for the first logging - $57USD
  • Log Review (Only) - $27USD
*Full tuning includes indirect automatic transmission tuning for Automatic cars. Please email me for details.

Please remember you will need the Tactrix Openport 2.0 Cable, a Windows laptop and have your car fully serviced and Spark plugs gaped to the service manual recommendations.

Please note XRT is not responsible for time lost because of mechanical issues on the car.

For more information, please read the following link thoroughly.
Xtreme Racing Tuning ? View topic - Tuning by Xtreme Racing Tuning (XRT)

XTREME RACING TUNING is not Responsible/Liable for any ECU, Engine, Chassis or any other damages arising out of tuning and (or) logging or any other services performed. The Subaru Owner(s) accepts All Risks.

Please email me (not pm) if you are interested

Prices are subject to change.

Thank you very much.

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